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 Compound & Complex Sentences

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MessageSujet: Compound & Complex Sentences   Compound & Complex Sentences EmptySam Déc 24, 2011 12:32 pm

Use the connectives in the box below to make one compound sentence from two simple sentences.
Here’s an example:
My dog is not popular with the neighbours. My dog scares the postman away.
My dog is not popular with the neighbours because s/he scares the postman away.

because but when therefore and

1. The teacher was late for work. The teacher’s dog had hidden her car keys.

2. I haven’t got any bread. I cannot have a sandwich.

3. It rained all day. The wedding went ahead anyway.

4. I saw his smiling face. His smiling face cheered me up.

Now try making complex sentences from two simple sentences.
Here’s another example:
My brother is not popular with the neighbours. My brother scares the postman away.
My brother, who scares the postman away, is not popular with the neighbours.

1. My sister has green and purple hair. My sister is older than me.

2. The weather in Brussels has been terrible lately. The weather is starting to get worse.

3. The table is only small. The table cannot support the weight of 25 children.

4. In my opinion the sandwich I am having for lunch will be delicious. I am having a jam, tuna and garlic sandwich.

Now have a go at re-writing this passage, making it more interesting (and shorter) by using compound and complex sentences.
Bob the Dinosaur was a cheery chap. Bob lived by himself on an island in the Pacific. Bob was the last remaining dinosaur. Every morning Bob scanned the horizon. Bob was looking for a ship. Bob wanted a ship to rescue him. Bob did this every morning for 13 million years. No ship ever came near Bob’s island. One day Bob saw a ship creeping over the horizon. Bob leapt for joy. This caused a coconut to fall out of the tree. The coconut fell on Bob’s head. Bob was knocked unconscious by the coconut. Bob regained consciousness several hours later. The ship was nowhere to be seen. Bob has missed the first ship in 13 million years. Bob was quite disappointed for a while. Bob’s spirits soon lifted. Bob decided to give up ship-hunting. Bob decided to build a ship from coconuts. Bob succeeded in building a ship. Bob left the island. Bob now lives in Hawaii. The moral of this story: Don’t jump under a palm tree, you never know what might fall out.
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Compound & Complex Sentences
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